Saturday, January 7, 2012


I don't want to live a conventional life.

I want to rid my life of the things that don't matter, things that are not necessarily beneficial.

I want my focus to be Jesus, what He would have me to do, and the person He would have me be.

I want to exemplify His love.

I hope to lead at least one person to Christ in my lifetime. If this happens, I can say my purpose was fulfilled. One thing I know, however, is that I may not see with my own eyes what happens in a person's heart on this side of eternity. I can only pray that a seed is planted and that God waters it.

I want my face to be a reflection of the joy I have found in Christ, not one that looks discontent or worried all the time.

I want my words to be an overflow of my heart, and I want my heart to be pure and selfless.

I know I'm not perfect, and that has made all the difference in my relationship with the Lord. He doesn't ask or expect me to be perfect, and for this reason, I can fully understand His grace. It covers me, washes me, and makes me new in Him. With every breath, I hope to become more and more like Christ.

I want to be His hands and feet... whether that means here, in my town, in my state, or halfway across the world. I want my life to be ever-present, ever-willing, not tossing and turning like the waves.

I want to be the woman who reads the Word, soaks it in with all her heart, and determines to follow it as best I know how.

I want to be a prayer warrior. I want to pursue a life that serves others in prayer, words of encouragement, and action.

I want to chase after the passions God has given me. I want to pour them out until I am dried up and can say I gave it all away.

These are my pursuits for the year 2012 and beyond.


  1. What a beautiful blog and post! I am sure you will touch many hearts!

  2. You are beautiful in every aspect of life!