Friday, September 26, 2014

Why I Love Plexus...


So, a LOT has changed in my life in the past 6 months. The best thing to ever happen to me... having our baby girl. Becoming a mom has been the most amazing, challenging, yet rewarding experience of my life and I would not change it for anything. She is the most beautiful little thing I could ever imagine!

Anyway, today I wanted to share with you my personal experience with Plexus. Before you stop reading, let me tell you what Plexus is NOT:
-A diet
-A meal replacement
-A fad

Plexus Slim is an all-natural health drink powder that you mix into water once daily and drink (like Crystal Light). It helps keep blood sugar, cholesterol, and lipids at healthy levels, which can result in weight loss. 

Now I want to share MY story with Plexus, because hearing all the facts isn't always enough. People want results! Long before I was pregnant, long before I was married, long before I graduated college... all the way back in high school (about 11 years ago), I became highly addicted to sugar. I'm talking, HAD to have a Wild Cherry Pepsi every day. My friends and family can attest to this. It got a little ridiculous. After that addiction subsided (Pepsi overload!), it was Caramel Frappuccinos as often as possible. After that, it was White Chocolate Mochas. After that, Cinnamon Dolce Lattes. I'm not kidding, I would go from one sugary drink to the next, all the while acting like it was no big deal, because I was a teenager who didn't care and had a fast metabolism. Well, as we all know, it catches up sooner or later! In my first year of college, I gained the "freshman 15" that everyone warned me about. I had never had a weight problem, so I didn't expect it. Buying jeans a size bigger was not a good feeling. As time went on, I didn't make many changes in my diet. Between 3 hour labs almost every day, endless projects, staying up until at least 12 every night... my eating habits were far from good. I was always eating at random times of the day, whatever I could quickly grab while heading out the door to class, or worse, whatever was cheapest (like McDonalds or Taco Bell). My sweet drink addiction only got worse while working at a local coffee shop where we invented new sugary concoctions daily. The weight kept adding on. So I would go on little diets here and there, lose the weight, and then it would creep back.

Fast forward several years to last summer when I found out I was pregnant. I was obviously ecstatic! Everyone told me, "Eat whatever you want! It's the only time in your life you'll have a good excuse!" So I did. My sugar addiction was at an all-time high during pregnancy (after the nausea went away). I could not help it. Men, just know that when you hear women talk about the intensity of cravings during pregnancy, it is NO JOKE. But, I will say that my cravings were not that out-of-the-ordinary for me... the same ones, just amplified. So maybe if I'd exercised self-control years prior to becoming pregnant, it wouldn't have gotten so out of hand. Anyway, I gained 45 pounds during pregnancy, and had been told by my doctor that I should only gain between 25 and 35 for my size. Yikes!!

Losing the weight was a struggle. The first 25 pounds seemingly fell off. The next 20, not so much. I was stuck at the same weight for about 2 months. I kept reading people's posts on Facebook about something called Plexus. It annoyed me for awhile (probably because I was unhappy with my weight), but finally I asked a friend about it. I started reading and researching the products, and the more I found out, the more intrigued I became. I signed up as an ambassador because I knew it was a legitimate product line, and I wanted to get wholesale prices. I am not one to pass up on a deal!

Sure enough, after the first week, I lost 6 pounds. I had lost several inches as well. My appetite was changing--suddenly, I was getting slightly grossed out by sugar. Every day, the cravings became less and less. Then the weirdest thing happened. I started wanting healthy stuff. When I was thirsty, I went for a water instead of caffeine or sugary drinks. When I wanted a snack, I reached for a banana instead of chips. I also didn't have that crash in the afternoon like I used to. 

It has been almost two months since I've been doing Plexus. I have more energy than I've had in I don't know how long... and I have a 6 month old! I've lost 8 pounds, 13 inches, and only have a little more to go. I plan on sticking with the Slim because once I hit my goal, it will keep my blood sugar at a regular level. I don't EVER want to go back to where I was. It's so, so much more than the weight loss. My skin has been much better (I've had mild acne for years). I used to have oily patches on my scalp that are GONE; this I attribute to the ProBio5 and BioCleanse... which I can talk about in another post. The keratosis polaris on my arms has significantly decreased. I'm not having mood swings like before. The list goes on and on. I only expect to see even more results with time.

I tell you all of this because I want others to experience the feelings of freedom that I've felt. I want you to have the energy that I have. This is not a miracle product (meaning you have to stick with it and still make healthy decisions), but Plexus helps with cravings and can increase will-power over food. 

If you're interested in more information about the products or the company, please let me know. You can visit my site as well: Thanks for stopping by and reading my story!

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