Tuesday, November 1, 2011

polymer clay charm tutorial

Polymer clay is my new friend. So easy to use, takes 15 minutes to bake in MY oven, and looks really cool! Today I will talk about the process of making my first polymer project, an initial charm.

What you will need:
Polymer clay (I used Sculpey... I've heard good things about the brand and liked that there was a variety pack with lots of fun colors)
Clay tools
Wax paper or foil
Cookie sheet

1. Begin by kneading out the clay and getting a feel for its texture. I noticed mine was quite harder than I thought it would be. I pressed it down a few times to flatten it with my hand.

2. Use your clay tools to cut the clay into the desired shape.

3. Using a toothpick or clay tool, carve out the initial. Then, carve out a hole at the top center of the charm. 

* My hole was a little too far down from the top, and I didn't realize this until trying to fit the jump ring later. It worked alright, but I recommend carefully planning where the hole should go.

4. Once the letter is carved, you may have some "scragglies" hanging out where they are not wanted. I used the toothpick to get most of them out. I didn't want mine to be perfect by any means, so I left a few of those little guys.

5. Place wax paper or foil on baking sheet to protect it, then place the charm on top of that. Bake at 275 degrees for 15 minutes (this is for every 1/4"; if yours is thicker or thinner, adjust accordingly).

Tada! This is my charm. If you want, you can add some acrylic paint or glaze like I did to give the piece a little more depth. Add your jump ring and attach to a chain. This is going to be my best friend's birthday present. Her first baby is due in a few months and his name starts with L. :)

Hope you enjoyed it and give it a try!


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