Thursday, January 23, 2014

Soooo.... it's been awhile. I have trouble keeping up with blogging because, well, I'm a little busy. Update: I'm in the thick of my second year of teaching, am 6 months pregnant, and have more classes than last year so my days are extremely full.

My heart is full, too, though. I have been reflecting a lot on my last year and a half as a teacher and can't believe the amount of growth that has taken place. I have learned so much from this job, these kiddos, and my co-workers. I have learned to choose joy on difficult days, to be grateful for a job that allows me to pray with my students and at the end of the day, takes everything I have.

What other job allows you to essentially be a surrogate parent on a daily basis? To impact the lives of children you may not otherwise know? To instill responsibility, work ethic, integrity, among numerous other qualities in young people... no, there aren't many jobs quite like teaching.

On another note, between pinch pots and cardboard sculptures, the art room is looking a little chaotic these days. We've been using a lot of "junk" that was hiding in my storage closet to create some lovely pieces. I hope to get some photos up when the projects are finished.

I'm off to work on lesson plans for my sub now, ta ta!

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