Tuesday, February 4, 2014

5th Grade Spotlight: Value Studies

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It's a blustery day here with snow falling at a steady pace. I'm enjoying a nice cup of coffee on my hour long (!) break. Would've been perfect for a snow day, but I am wondering if Thursday and Friday might stand a better chance. :)

Thought I would share what we are doing in 5th grade. I've taught five other classes and always struggled with value. For some reason, a lot of the 5th graders don't understand the concept of tints, shades, and tones... and painting with those three became a challenge for about half of the students. I think the projects I tried were a little too difficult for many of them to grasp.

So I decided to come from a more basic approach by not using paint on this project, and not using color. I ordered some Prismacolor pencils from Blick in various shades, and showed students how to layer and blend with them.

We looked at examples of Renaissance artwork first, and how Raphael in particular used value.

Next, I explained the concept of chiaroscuro. We looked at this example that I found on Google. I like that it shows a value scale underneath as well.

When I felt like everyone had the concept of value down, I had students draw practice sketches of still life objects. The next day, we started with the Prismacolors and used graphite-colored paper as a middle value (this confused some). Overall, I think this project was a much simpler but successful project on value! 

Student example:

What do you think? What are some value lessons you've done that were successful?

Mrs. E

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