Friday, August 19, 2011

it's Friday, Friday...

Good morning to you! I'll get straight to the point: I <3 Fridays. It is my husband and myself's day off... which means relaxing, golf (for him), projects (for me), coffee with friends, and whatever else our hearts desire. This morning, two of his uncles and one cousin came over for breakfast before heading out to the golf course. They were like giddy kids before Christmas, anxiously awaiting their fate; they are playing a scramble, uncles against nephews. This is what the uncles brought with them, though:

my favorite... Cinnamon Dolce Latte.

On another note, we are moving soon! Where, you ask? Into a barn. An apartment in a barn in the country... outside city limits where blackberries abound and fish grow to astronomical sizes in two beautiful ponds. We have been blessed to find a place that will satisfy our love of the outdoors, our budget, and therefore, our savings towards a house next year. :) Hence, these haunt me every time I walk into the living room, waiting to be filled with every passing moment...

Other random things:

seashells in a bowl. No more, no less.

One precious puppy who is devastated that Daddy left him for a round of golf.

Oh! And what I've been doing at work. Speaking of work, I am working in an environment where I get to see lots of kids all day and make fun projects while they wait to see the doctor... and loving every minute.

This is how the project starts:

Make a grid of whatever size you want. I made these two after making my own, because I want the kids to have an option of size, and these ones are actually evenly spaced. After that, I used a stencil to trace around the letter of my choosing ("E" for Everyone who wants to be a kid again should try this). I wanted there to be a contrast between the letter and background without getting out the Sharpie, so I opted for warm versus cool. But you can do whatever you want. Color in all the squares/diamonds in your color choice, being sure to stay inside or outside the lines of your letter... trust me, mistakes can happen when you've been coloring for over an hour. And voila! You will have a new piece of artwork. I love the idea of hanging one of these in a baby's room.

On yet another note, this is what I'm currently reading. Whether or not I have actually tried to make one is another story.

I will leave you with this beautiful quote I found:

Have a great weekend,

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  1. Kiley! I can't believe you get to live in an apartment in a BARN! That is beyond awesome. I want to see it! Where? I have to come see it. Great idea for the letter art, and beautiful lettering in the quote.