Monday, August 8, 2011

storms & sailboats

Today was a beautiful, stormy day. We have not seen rain in a long time, let alone temperatures under 100 degrees for around 50 days. How great it was to not see the sun for once, enjoy a cool breeze, and watch my husband and pup on the porch watching the storm roll in.

Speaking of storm clouds, I have been working on this yesterday and today:

for my grandmother. She loved this painting:

but, as you can see, it is in disrepair.

The original painting, signed by "CA Renee," is brittle, has holes, tears, and nails sticking out of the sides. I really have no idea how old it is. My mom owns an antique store and didn't have the heart to get rid of it (or sell it), and there's no telling where it came from.

To be frank, I felt VERY weird copying this person's painting. I feel like I committed a cardinal sin that my college professors would shun me for, but like I said, it's for my grandma. She needed something over her mantle, loved this painting, so I recreated it. What's odd is that no painting I have ever done has been this easy. Perhaps it is because I felt a connection to the original artist, felt like I stepped back in time onto an island overlooking the deep, black sea. It could also be that this is the first "real painting" I've done since I graduated... last December. I got really burnt out on painting for awhile, and a little bitter about some things at school. All the pressures of trying to please professors who had completely different beliefs, opinions, and backgrounds from myself made for one big pile of bitterness and no desire to paint. This painting was a turning point, and maybe recreating someone else's image made that transition a little easier.

Back to my grandma. She lost her mother last Friday, so I thought now might be an appropriate time to give her the painting I had promised a while back. Hopefully she likes it, despite its melancholy-ness and neon sea... a little different from a discolored, hundred year-old original.

By the way, sorry for the horrible images. I took them from my phone... don't know why. :)

Have a wonderful evening!



  1. This is beautiful, Kiley. You're so talented. So sweet of you to do this for your grandmother. BTW, doing a study of an old painting is a perfectly acceptable means of learning. You're not selling it, nor are you claiming a copyright. You did a lovely thing for your grandmother.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Holly! I was having a hard time not painting something that wasn't an original by me. You're right, it was a study, and it was very helpful. The best part was giving it to my grandma. :)