Monday, August 29, 2011

reflections from Sunday

It's the little things. Along with "new" headlights, I now have a working driver's side window and back door. I will post photos of some projects I've been working on soon, but for now there are other things on my mind.

Yesterday was a day I will never forget. I saw God moving in so many situations.

The sermon at church was about the "weed" called worry. We are doing a series on weeds in our lives that can grow in our hearts and distract us from what really matters. These weeds are worry, riches, and pleasures.This comes from Matthew 6:25-34. To say I needed to hear that sermon is an understatement. I needed it so badly. I felt like God was having a little chat with me over coffee while I wrote down every word.

I also witnessed one of the most raw, pure confessions yesterday. This person was hurting deeply, and acknowledged they had hurt others because of their sin. Weeds had slowly crept into their heart and blurred out the eternal perspective. It was so beautiful to be a part of a church body that literally wrapped their arms around each other and lifted them up in prayer. God was in that room, moving through the hearts of every individual. The walls of judgment collapsed, and all that was left were a bunch of broken people pouring their hearts out to God for healing. It was a night I will remember for the rest of my life.

Yet another moving moment yesterday was meeting a new puppy after a tragic accident a couple of weeks ago that cost the in-laws' dog his life. It was a horrific way for him to go, but I'm so glad they're ready to rescue a new puppy.

Overall, yesterday was just plain emotional!

One thing I know: God is in the business of humbling, breaking, healing, and redeeming. He never leaves us in the pit of despair. He always, always saves us. And when we are brought back into the light of His love and peace, it is more beautiful than we could ever imagine... kinda like my headlights. ;)


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