Monday, October 24, 2011

five things

Five photos from the past few days:

Look at that bass! He was so proud, and I was proud of him. I caught one about the same size, and what happened, you ask? It broke my line and I have no proof of my trophy. 

How to spice up your coffee: add light whipped cream and a dash of cinammon. Mmmm!

My new fave nail polish: NYC's Park Ave. Kinda taupe/grey... perfect for fall without making my hands look pale. (Anyone else have that problem with dark colors?) Here's a link to all the "In A New York Color Minute" polishes:

Farewell, place of work. Your butterflies flitting about the ceiling were fun to look at on a daily basis. I also enjoyed the friendly people and the apple fritters. This is my last full week here. My next job is going to be nannying a newborn, pure bliss.

Please stay tuned for an experiment that is currently being conducted on these ugly guys. Waiting to see results. :)

Hope everyone is having a good Monday!


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